Larry Gerry has worked in the environmental field since 1973, and has been fortunate to have worked on a variety of environmental issues and projects including power plant impact studies, county storm water surveys, brownfield redevelopment projects, leaking underground storage tanks, watershed management studies, and wetland regulatory issues. He has worked in both private and public sector positions in New York, North Carolina, Kentucky and Florida. Over the past 16 years, Larry enjoyed leadership roles at the South Florida Water Management District, as Deputy Director of the Watershed Research Department, Director of the Everglades Restoration Planning Department, and as agency Coordinator for 60,000 acres of Everglades Stormwater Treatment Areas.

Larry and his family moved to Florida in 1981 and he is proud to be part of the dedicated environmental professionals attempting to balance growth with protection of Florida’s springs, rivers, lakes and estuaries. He grew up in New York City and his family spent their summers in a stilt house on Jamaica Bay, Queens. His love for the water and the creatures living in it began there and continues to this day.

Larry received his B.A. in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia and his M.S. in Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Science from North Carolina State University. Larry played basketball at Virginia and married his college sweetheart in the university chapel.

Larry enjoys boating, fishing hiking, cycling, and time with his family.

“Joy in looking and comprehending is nature’s most beautiful gift.”

– Albert Einstein

“Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a boat I didn’t like.”

– Lawrence Russell Gerry

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