Maria is hydrologic modeler with specializing in modeling of hydraulics / hydrology, groundwater systems and water quality, with an emphasis on surface water and ground water interactions for numerous water resources applications. Her experience includes include regional watershed restoration and planning studies, stormwater master plans, flood control assessments, wetland impacts studies, climate change and sea level rise scenarios, hydraulic systems design. Her project work has been focused primary in Florida, but she also has had the opportunity to work in projects in Idaho, California, Oregon, Alaska, Canada, Denmark, and Africa. She enjoys the many aspects and complexities in water resources projects, from the technical processing of data involving code writing, GIS analyses and model problem solving, to the coordination between the modeling, design consultants and client staff, as well as interpreting and analyzing the information in the context of the significance to the project and finding creative ways to communicate findings to the public. Most importantly she truly enjoys the continuous pursuit of learning new technologies and elevating her knowledge of such a diverse and interdisciplinary field, as well as serving to educate her peers.

She started her career in a combined field of science and policy, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from Washington University, St. Louis, Mo, and following with two years of post bac. course work in the University of Puerto Rico, Environmental Science Department. After a few years working with hydrologists and engineers in Puerto Rico (where she is from) she decided to obtain her master’s degree from the University of Florida in Environmental Engineering. During this time, she also completed the necessary undergraduate course work to qualify for an engineering degree and license. Later in her career she had the opportunity to obtain her PhD from the Department of Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Denmark, where she lived for three and a half years.

Her outside work interests include traveling and outdoorsy activities such as hiking, kayaking, cycling. She loves cooking and learning about diverse cuisines and culinary techniques. Spending as much time as possible with her family in Puerto Rico is an extremely high priority in her life.

“Look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

– Albert Einstein

“Just to live isn’t enough…I need freedom, sunshine, and a little flower.”

– Hans Christian Andersen

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